About Woodmans Axe Esspresso Mackay

Mackay Roasted.

Like the Pied Piper, the Woodman swings his axe and the locals flock for the sweet syrup of the gods. A rowdy and luscious group, our devoted ‘Axe fans’ place their caffeinated dreams in the palm of our hands. A privilege we never take lightly.


As if in a trance, they follow the scent of the freshly dripped coffee and sweet prana chai that wafts from our humble corner hollow in downtown Mackay, with only one thing on their mind…a brew’d awakening.


Unassuming from peering sidewalk eyes, the eclectic hipster vibe is obvious when stepping through the tinted door into the cozy coffee den. There lays the Axe, a celebration of honest, consistent, elegant and impeccable taste.


In addition to coffee, we serve espresso frappes and non-caffeinated frappes, as well as hot chocolate from Mork and Tea Drop tea. Although it’s not just about the drinks, Woodman’s has a carefully crafted and tested artisan menu. Thanks to our strong community-minded team, we source local produce including Whitsunday Dairy Milk and have included something to suit every sweet tooth and hunger pain.


Thoughtfully positioned with side-alley seating, Woodman’s Axe brings a touch of modern city pizazz with a wholesome express menu to create an experience that will have you, my dear friend, following the scent for more.




Gone are the days when Woodman’s was just a twinkle in his eye! Steve, along with his wife Merryn, are the creators and driving force behind the downtown coffee joint and have changed the way coffee is viewed, presented, honoured and spoken about in little old Mackay and yonder.

Truth be told, Steve’s not just a head behind a coffee machine. For those who know him, he’s got quite the story to tell – as do each of his tattoos. A quiet but smooth-talking lad, Steve’s big beaming grin and unique take on fashion gives Woodman’s Axe its cheeky but affectionate reputation.




Behind every great ship is a female captain (oh yes we called it)... and Merryn is no exception with her highly detailed approach and exquisite palate. A professional coffee judge and die-hard foodie, she has travelled the world in pursuit of the best beans and she has certainly found them.

Over the past few years, she has upped the ante on the quality and technique of coffee brewing in Mackay. Stay tuned for plenty more to come from this dynamic duo and their humble but hard working team of baristas.