Coffee at Woodman's Axe

Although we love a laugh, we take coffee very seriously and we know you do too. So, we want to spoil you for choice... Choose from one of our two daily blends for milk based espressos or ask for the baristas recommendation. Also, a daily single origin is available for black espresso beverages and filter coffee.


Here’s some coffee jargon for you:


Types of single-origin

Estate coffees are a specific type of single-origin coffee. They are generally grown on a single farm, which might range in size from a few acres to large plantations occupying many square miles, or a collection of farms which all process their coffee at the same mill. Micro-lot coffees are another type of specific single-origin coffee from a single field on a farm, a small range of altitude, and specific day of harvest.


At Woodman's Axe Espresso we intend to rotate Single Origin Coffees through the espresso bar on a regular basis, to keep up with current trends in the specialty coffee industry. And to also keep the coffee taste buds of Mackay stimulated through new and exciting beans.


Brew Bar (Filter Coffee)

On the brew bar we will also be rotating through single origin coffees on a regular basis, these will differ from the espresso bar coffees in that, coffee for filter brewing is roasted lighter to highlight the delicate flavour profiles of the specific origin, altitude or processing method.

Our website will be updated regularly with the current Single Origin coffees that we will have on offer at the espresso and brew bars.